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Social Security Disability, Personal Injuries, and Workers Compensation

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

If you can no longer work you may have several different legal claims and avenues to pursue. A prior post on our blog discusses some important things to consider for disability clients and their workers’ compensation claims. Keep in mind that there are may be many reasons a person has become disabled and some of those reason may have several legal recourses that need to be fully discovered.

For example, and as noted above, a person injured while working their job may have a Workers’ Compensation claim and, if they can no longer return to work, may also have a Social Security Disability claim. Also, a person who was involved in a car accident may also have a personal injury claim and, if their injuries prevent them from returning to work, may also have a Social Security Disability claim.

A person applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration should consult with an experienced attorney to help navigate the appeal process. However, seeking the assistance of counsel can help uncover potential legal actions that paved the way for the need to file for disability benefits. Our office is well equipped to handle the above referenced scenarios. In addition to specializing in Social Security Disability, we have attorneys who help clients in personal injury acts and Veteran’s Disability.

The key to uncovering potential claims, especially those that may have forced you into applying for disability benefits, is time. The sooner you contact the attorneys at Gardberg & Kemmerly the sooner our firm can assist you in your legal matter. Do not delay!



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