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Social Security Disability Clients and Workers’ Compensation Claims

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Social Security Disability |

If you are a worker and you have been injured on the job, there are different legal claims that may be made. Some of the most common claims include a Workers’ Compensation claim and a Social Security Disability claim. The two are significantly different from one another but, often, especially after a serious injury, a worker may be forced to file for Social Security Disability benefits stemming from an on-the-job injury.

If you have been injured while working, time is of the essence. Call an attorney that can help guide you through the proper process. In order to provide a quick overview, please consider the following tips that should apply to any injured worker:

1. Report the Injury Immediately.

Most workers are covered by Worker’s Compensation under state law. However, nothing can be done with your claim until you report it to your employer. Do not be tricked or threatened into keeping an injury unreported. Also, be sure to keep copies of all documents.

2. Why You Want to Choose Your Own Doctor.

You may see the doctor of your choice. NEVER sign any paper listing your choice of doctor by name. If anyone asked you to sign something like this, call us immediately! You may get only ONE chance to choose and you do not have to use the employer’s private doctors.
New laws have changed this right and see how it applies to you!

3. Your Related Medical Bills Should be Paid if You Were Hurt on the Job.

The insurance companies must follow the law. We can help get your related medical bills paid with no out-of-pocket expense.

4. Your Workers’ Comp Pay or a ‘Comp Check’.

If your doctor takes you off-work and no benefits are being paid, you will likely need to call an attorney. You may be entitled to disability benefits while you’re off work and being treated by your doctor. We make sure you disability checks are paid on time.

5. Don’t Miss Your Deadlines.

In most cases you must file for your workers comp claim with a limited time after the date of your injury. Contact us ASAP to protect yourself!

If you start receiving workers comp benefits and they have been canceled, then you often have one year from that date to demand payment. You will likely an attorney for this.

6. Talk to Us Before Settling Your Case.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Most settlements are final. Make sure your rights are protected. Our office can handle the process for you from beginning to end so you can concentrate on getting well.

The Gulf Coast is known for its hard working employees. Should something happen at work that has forced you to seek medical help, do not delay. You will likely need a lawyer to be treated fairly by the insurance company. The Mobile area law firm of Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C. is ready to help you when you need it most. 



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