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The Korea DMZ and Agent Orange

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

Veterans that served along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Korea during the Vietnam War may have an easier time establishing a Veterans Disability Claim. In similar ‘Agent Orange’ cases, Veterans are presumed to have been exposed to the chemical during certain, specific time frames. The recent change, provided here, expands the Agent Orange exposure in Korea to April 1, 1968 until August 31, 1971.

If a Veteran served along the DMZ during those dates and is suffering, suffered, or died from an illness associated with the exposure to Agent Orange, his/her claim may be simplified and streamlined. Additionally, a Veteran who qualifies may be eligible for a free Agent Orange Registry health evaluation and can find more information here.

Common illnesses and diagnoses of Veterans who have been exposed to Agent Orange include: Chronic B-cell Leukemias, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Hodgkin’s Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Multiple Myeloma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Parkinson’s Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy (Acute and Subacute), Prostate Cancer, respiratory cancers and soft tissue saracomas. Additionally, children of Veterans that served in the Agent Orange areas may have a claim if they were born with certain birth defects.

These new regulations may impact an untold amount of Veterans. The VA claim process is a daunting obstacle to overcome and if you are a Veteran, a surviving spouse of a Veteran, or a child of Veteran that suffered a birth defect stemming from the Veteran’s exposure to Agent Orange, please call the experienced attorneys at Gardberg & Kemmerly, P.C., to have your claim reviewed.



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