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For Social Security Disability, Age Isn’t Just a Number

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Social Security Disability |

The attorneys at Gardberg and , P.C., think that it is important to highlight a very important age for people applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Fifty (50) years of age is that important age for those seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Why is this age important, one might ask? Well it is important because the Social Security Administration reduces the requirements to prove disability starting at age 50. In other words, it gets easier to overcome the hurdle to be approved for disability benefits once someone turns 50 years old.

For example, if a 50 year-old-person cannot perform the work that you had done in the past 15 years because of physical or mental limitations and has only worked in sedentary jobs that require little or no judgment to perform and that can be learned on the job in a short period of time, then the Social Security Administration will presume that you are unable to transition to other work because of your age. In other words, a person may still receive benefits even if that person can still perform work. If you are illiterate or unable to communicate in English and have no past relevant work or only unskilled work, then the hurdle is even easier to overcome.

The reason it becomes easier to overcome this hurdle is because beginning at age 50, the Social Security Administration presumes that a claimant’s skills are not transferable or that that claimant has reached an age that limits his or her ability to adjust to other work. At some point age becomes a factor in a person’s ability to be retrained to perform different types of work, and the Social Security Administration has established that age to be age 50. With that being said, there are no guarantees that a person will be determined disabled because he or she turns 50 years of age. It is important to turn to experienced attorneys like the attorney at Gardberg and , P.C., to help navigate you through these regulations.



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