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Important Documents for the Injured Plaintiff

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Personal Injury |

Documentation is crucial to establishing a successful personal injury claim. A person injured through the negligence of another, or while working on the job, can help a possible legal claim they may have by keeping detailed and accurate records.

A good guideline to follow for proper documentation is as follows:

  • Make a record of what you remember from your accident/incident as soon as possible.

As the time goes by, you may forget important details, such as witnesses or conditions. A record you made of your memory, as close to the date of the accident, will help keep your memory fresh and can help an attorney visualize what happened.

  • Take pictures of your injuries, property damage, the scene of the incident, etc.

Injuries, damage, and the site of the incident can all disappear and/or change extremely quickly. Preserving this by taking pictures can help your claim later in the process.

  • Obtain an accident/incident report

This comes in the form of a police report (for an automobile accident) or from your company/supervisor (if injured at work).

  • Keep a diary of your symptoms/injuries for you to tell your treating doctors.
  • Keep a chart of the all doctors you have seen for your injuries, including names and specialties.
  • Make a ledger of all of your out-of-pocket expenses associated with the accident.

This includes any co-pays you made for office visits, prescriptions, treatment, etc.

  • Keep track of all days/hours missed from your job.

This includes time that you were forced to take off to attend visits with your doctors

These documents give you a good start to help any legal claim you may have. In addition, these notes can help an experienced lawyer get a good look at your legal claim as it develops and can help you avoid any possible pitfalls in the claim process.



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