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Attorneys Gardberg & Kemmerly
Photo of attorneys Jonathan P. Gardberg and Colin Edward Kemmerly

Social Security recently changed its policy and no longer discloses the name of the Administrative Law Jude prior to the day of the hearing. How can this affect a claim? Hopefully, the claimant’s attorney has built a relationship with the different Administrative Law Judges at the local Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. Through experience, an attorney knows that different Administrative Law Judges perform hearings in different ways. Some talk the whole hearing, others barely say a word. Some are very friendly while others can be intimidating. Some are willing to order post hearing examinations and others are not. Not knowing who will be deciding the case makes it difficult to prepare; however an experienced disability attorney usually has presented cases before all the Administrative Law Judges at the local ODAR and knows how to prepare the claimant for anything that could happen.

If you have a case pending before a local ODAR, I suggest you contact an experienced local attorney to help you with your claim.



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