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SSI for Children with Mental Impairments and Learning Disabilities

by | Nov 21, 2011 | Social Security Disability |

Did you know that children can receive Supplemental Security Income due to mental impairments and learning disabilities? Supplemental Security Income is given to children that suffer severe problems due to mental problems or learning disabilities.

In order for a child to be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, there must be documentation of the child’s impairments. Documentation needed to prevail in a child’s Supplemental Security Income claim usually consists of medical records from the child’s doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. In addition to medical evidence, the child’s school records play a vital role in a child’s Supplemental Security Income case. During a Supplemental Security Income case, the child’s doctors and teachers are usually asked to give their opinion regarding the child’s medical condition, grades, and behavior. A good relationship with the child’s doctors and teachers usually will make it easier to get information and opinions regarding the child’s impairments.

The more involved a parent is with the child’s healthcare and academic progress, the more likely it is that the proper documentation needed to assist the case will be easily obtainable. It is also good for the child’s well being.

If your child suffers from severe mental problems and is seeing a doctor for treatment or has a severe learning disability and is falling behind at school, you should contact a Social Security lawyer to inquire about filing a claim on your child’s behalf.



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