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What you should know about work related injuries

by | Sep 28, 2011 | Personal Injury |

Gardberg knows how to get you all the workers compensation benefits you deserve. We serve people in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

When you are hurt on the job, in most cases you are entitled to receive compensation in lieu of your wages in addition to immediate medical care for your work related injury. You should continue to receive these benefits until the doctor decides you have reached your maximum level of improvement. At that time he will decide if you have suffered a permanent physical impairment. If your doctor believes you have a permanent impairment, he will assign you a permanent physical impairment rating. This will entitle you to a settlement with the insurance company for future benefits.

Unfortunately, workers can’t always count on their employer or their insurance company to provide them with the benefits to which they are entitled to by law. If this should happen to you, you should contact the attorneys at Gardberg , P.C. Our legal team will fight for you rights to receive all of your worker’s compensation benefits. An experienced attorney can also help you recover more money when it is time to settle your future benefits.

Important things you should know about worker compensation laws:

Attorney’s fees are limited by the Worker’s Compensation Statute in each state as follows:

  • Alabama 15%
  • Mississippi 25%
  • Louisiana 20%
  • Florida 20% on the 1st $5000.00, 15% on the next $5000.00, 10% on settlement amounts above $10,000.00

You usually have short periods of time to notify your employer that you have been injured—so don’t delay, do it immediately or you may risk losing your right to be compensated.

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