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Social Security & Veterans Affairs to Phase Out Paper Checks

by | May 23, 2011 | Veterans Disability Benefits |

New applicants for Social Security, Veterans Affairs, and other federal benefits programs will no longer receive a paper check in the mail. Instead, recipients will be required to designate a checking or savings account for direct deposit of benefits. U. S. Treasurer Rosie Rios claims this change will save the government $1 billion over the next ten years. While this might seem like a burdensome requirement to those who prefer having a check in their hands, there could also be benefits to direct deposit. Ideally it should remove any delays related to postal delivery, trips to the bank, or waiting a day or more for checks to clear. If you are an applicant or recipient of federal benefits and are uncomfortable with direct deposit for any reason, you might inquire about the availability of prepaid debit cards to receive federal benefits.


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