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Is Age Just a Number in My Social Security Disability Case?

by | Nov 28, 2010 | Social Security Disability |

The simple answer to this question is no. Your age is not just a number. This is because Social Security rules change as you get older. In disability cases, Social Security puts people in categories. Once you turn 50, you enter a category called “Closely Approaching Advanced Age.” In this category, depending on your personal education and work background, it may be easier for you to get your disability benefits. For example, if you have a high school education and the only work you have done in the last 15 years is considered heavy, medium, or light work, you may be disabled even if you can do a job where the majority of the day you are sitting down. When you turn 55, you are considered a person of “Advanced Age” and the rules are even more in your favor. Every case is different but the bottom line is that age often matters in a Social Security disability case. Social Security has very specific definitions for your age, the skills you have learned in your past work, and the physical requirements of your past work. This is why it is important to speak with someone who knows what these definitions are and how to use them to your advantage to help you win your benefits.



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