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Understanding VA and Social Security disability benefits

Veterans who are receiving VA disability benefits may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits. VA disability benefits are available to military veterans suffering from a service-related disability. Social Security disability benefits are available to disabled individuals with sufficient work history. Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are monthly benefits for disabled individuals suffering from a severe disability that prevents them from working. The disability claims process can be complicated so it is important to understand veterans' issues related to disability.

To qualify for SSD benefits, the disabled individual must be suffering from a physical or mental medical condition that is expected to last longer than 12 months or result in death. In addition, to qualify for SSD benefits, applicants for disability must have adequate work history to qualify for benefits. The general work requirement is that the applicant must have worked the last 5 of 10 years but this requirement varies by age.

An overview of Social Security Disability benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits provide an important means of financial support for people in Alabama who have suffered an incapacitating illness or injury. Obtaining such benefits can, however, be a lengthy and difficult process. This post will provide an overview of how a person qualifies for SSD benefits.

The requirements for obtaining Social Security Disability benefits fall into three categories. The first is whether the applicant has made sufficient payments into the Social Security System.In order to be eligible for benefits, a person must have worked a minimum of 1.5 years if disability occurs prior to attaining the age of 28. If disability occurs thereafter, the applicant must have worked an additional year of work for every 2 years in age.

What vets should know about disability benefits

As a nation, we are eternally grateful to those men and women who have served in the armed forces. As a gesture of appreciation for their valor, selflessness and commitment to keeping the U.S. secure, the federal government has long provided Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force personnel with access to everything from education to healthcare.

Indeed, it's important for those individuals who suffered some manner of debilitating injury or illness in connection with their service to understand that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also provides access to much-needed disability compensation.

How does the SSA decide if you are disabled?

If you are unable to work due to a serious illness or injury, you may be unsure of how you will pay bills, take care of your children and support your Alabama family. No one ever plans on suffering from a disabling condition, and experiencing this type of setback can be financially and emotionally devastating.

Will I have to pay taxes on my SSDI benefits?

While most of us would prefer to think otherwise, tax season is now officially upon us. This means that sooner than later you will need to start gathering up all of your documents to take to your tax preparer, or sit down at your kitchen table to begin deciphering arcane IRS language and filling out seemingly innumerable tax forms.

Even though Tuesday, April 18 -- otherwise known as Tax Day 2017 -- is still over two months away, it's perfectly understandable if there are certain tax-related matters weighing heavily on people's minds given the impact it could have on their way of life. Indeed, this is undoubtedly the case for many who receive Social Security disability benefits.

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