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Social security disability checks to increase in 2018

When it comes to money, receiving more is almost always a good thing. Whether you get a pay increase at your job or a new revenue stream is coming your way, it's a reason to celebrate. Each year, the Social Security Administration examines the Social Security program and determines if it needs any adjustments. The good news is that social security disability recipients will be receiving a bump in their check come 2018.

This is due to the adjusted COLA in relation to cost of living. The exact amount increase of each person's check depends on the social security disability award but there is a way to calculate it. Simply multiply your check amount by two percent and add that amount to your current check to get an approximate number for an increased check amount. Whether a person receives disability benefits for injury or illness, it matters not.

Time matters when applying for Social Security disability

Most people never plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits for illness or injury. Thinking realistically, why would anyone ever plan to be injured or ill for a prolonged period of time and for it to negatively impact their ability to work? SSD benefits exist in order to help those who have become unable to work due to their illness or injury. However, these benefits must be sought out and are not just automatically given to the person who needs them.

One of the biggest factors affecting whether a person is qualified for Social Security disability benefits for illness or injury is time. If a person has been out of work due to their injury or illness for a year or more, this is the time threshold when one can seriously consider their SSD benefits options. The medical severity of a person's illness or injury plays a huge role in whether benefits are approved. Beyond a person's health, the person should also share within the application, the specific duties of a person's job and how these two factors tie together and make working impossible.

Injuries, an inability to work and Social Security Disability

A person could be injured in a range of ways that can severely impact their life. Whether injured in a car accident, sports incident or just a freak-accident in which a person slips and falls, an injury can turn a person's world upside down. If injured for more than a year and unable to work in your old position or a legitimate substitute, one may want to start thinking about Social Security disability benefits for injuries. These financial benefits are available to those that apply for them, with stipulations, of course.

When a person becomes disabled before retirement age, how are they supposed to bridge the gap with their financial needs? Add medical bills to the mix and you have a financial situation that can get out of control quickly. Workers who become disabled before retirement age may qualify for benefits through Social Security Disability. Each taxed worker contributes to SSD and when their need arises, they can apply for benefits.

New Veterans' Court Decision Could Help Veterans Receive Increased Disability Ratings for Service-Connected Injuries

New Veterans' Court Decision Could Help Veterans Receive Increased Disability Ratings for Service-Connected Injuries

Appeal if denied Social Security disability benefits for illness

Being approved for a Social Security disability claim would be music to many Mobile residents' ears. The Social Security Administration evaluates and makes decisions on each person's individual illness or injury when a person applies for benefits due to their inability to work. Oftentimes, those seeking benefits are denied Social Security disability benefits for illness on their first attempt, for one reason or another. Appealing this decision is the best shot one would have at receiving these benefits.

It can be discouraging to hear of the denial of benefits that you applied for due to your illness that makes it difficult or impossible for a person to work. However, at Gardberg & Kimberly PC Attorneys at Law, we have seen many initially denied claims get approved in the appeals stage. That's why an ill or injured Mobile resident shouldn't give up when seeking SSD benefits. We represent SSD claims on all levels, from appeals to the initial request so wherever you are in the process, we can help.

When the pain of fibromyalgia disables you

It started with pain, either all over your body or at specific points, like your shoulder, hips or knees. Or maybe your first symptom was mind-numbing fatigue so powerful you could hardly drag yourself out of bed. You may have thought you had the flu or you had overworked yourself. However, the symptoms didn't go away; instead, they got worse.

Based on your research, you may be certain you have fibromyalgia. If you know anyone who has suffered with this debilitating condition, you know the pain is often indescribable. You may also know that it is one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose and, therefore, one of the most difficult for which to claim Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

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