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War-related injuries may qualify veterans for disability

There are many opportunities and benefits for those who serve our country's military in the short and long-term. Of course, the pride one has for their country is one of the best aspects of military service. For those in Alabama and nationwide who were honorably discharged, there are many other benefits for military service members. This is especially true for those who have unfortunately suffered an injury during their time in the military.

Keep in mind, eligibility criteria can qualify or disqualify any veteran from certain benefits. However, some veterans may qualify for certain veterans benefits. Monthly financial benefits may be available for those who suffered a disability due to an injury incurred while serving their country. Disability is judged on its own set of criteria, and in some cases may be compounded if a disability is considered to be severe.

Please Tune-In at 8:15 p.m. Tonight as I Join the Scuttlebutt Radio Network on Talk 106.5 FM to Discuss Topics Important to Veterans

Please Tune-In at 8:15 p.m. Tonight as I Join the Scuttlebutt Radio Network on Talk 106.5 FM to Discuss Topics Important to Veterans

Adult requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income

There are several programs set up by both the federal and state government but one that can help adults who are disabled is called Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI. It isn't available for everybody, but for those that qualify it can be a welcomed financial relief. There are several requirements that adults must meet in order to qualify to receive SSI.

The first is that the adult U.S. citizen and must be aged 65 years or older. This SSI benefits candidate must be blind or disabled. Also, a person's income and resources must be limited to a point in which monetary assistance is necessary, as determine by the Social Security Administration. It's also important that a person fill out the application to begin seeking the SSI benefits one needs.

Veterans' issues coming to light after policy changes

Few people in Alabama have or will make sacrifices as large as the ones our veterans have made in sacrifice to our country. At the very least, veterans gave their time, body and mind to our country in hopes of making it a better place for us all. At the most, they sacrifice their health or even their lives in service to our country. They deserve our utmost respect and admiration.

That's why it is such an outrage to hear about negligence or abuse on behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. A change in federal legislation has now made it easier to reprimand employees of the VA who are alleged to have committed misconduct against veterans in their care. Also, a change in whistleblower legislation for those that report the misconduct gives those who speak up more protection against backlash from the VA itself. This should help to reduce or eliminate the veterans' issues and misconducts that many veterans have alleged as happening at the VA.

When may a child's SSI-related benefits be reviewed?

Some children in Alabama with disabilities will qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, once a child is awarded SSI benefits doesn't mean the story ends there. The Social Security Administration will regularly review the child's medical impairment, to determine whether the child is still eligible for SSI benefits.

For example, if a child is under 18-years-old and has a medical impairment that is expected to improve, that child's eligibility for SSI benefits will be reviewed a minimum of every three years. For infants who are receiving SSI benefits due to low birth weight, a review will take place when the child is 1-year-old. If the SSA decides that the child's medical impairment is not expected to improve by the time the child reaches age 1, the SSA may decide to wait to review the child's eligibility for SSI benefit until the child is older.

Does my rare condition qualify me for SSD benefits?

Your recent diagnosis may have brought with it a flood of fears and emotions. You likely felt confusion about what to expect medically in your future, especially if you have never heard of or know little about your condition. How will this disease progress? How will it affect your ability to care for your loved ones? How long before you are unable to work to support your family?

Receiving a report of a disabling rare disease can cast a shadow of uncertainty over your life. You may wonder if Social Security Disability can, at least, ease your financial burden. Where do you even begin to find the answers to your questions?

Many cancers included in Compassionate Allowances program

Whether it is leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer or any other type of cancer, it is no surprise that this disease can take a significant toll on a person's health, sometimes even leading to death. And, it is not an entirely uncommon disease. In fact, this year over one million individuals worldwide will battle cancer. This means that people in Alabama may know someone with cancer or may even suffer from cancer during their lifetime.

National Cancer Survivors Day was June 4, and the U.S. Social Security Administration recognizes that cancer is a serious disease. The SSA encourages people across the nation to have regular checkups to detect cancer. The SSA also aims to increase awareness of the disease and it aims to recognize those who have survived cancer, or who are still battling cancer. For all these reasons, if the right requirements are met, cancer patients may be able to seek Social Security disability benefits for illness and may even qualify for the Compassionate Allowances program.

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