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Can Veterans draw Social Security Disability benefits for PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD, can severely affect military veterans upon return to civilian life. Symptoms can become severe, to the point of hindering a person from being able to function normally in society or hold down a full-time job. Therefore, Social Security Disability benefits are available to Veterans in addition to any Veterans' disability already paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Social Security Disability and veterans' benefits

Disabled veterans may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits at the same time they receive disability through the Veteran's Administration (VA). VA benefits are available to military veterans who suffered a disability while on active duty. Social Security Disability benefits are available to disabled individuals who are unable to work because of a disability and also meet necessary work history requirements.

Help for veterans with disability benefits

Both veterans who suffer from a disability because of an injury or disease and their family members may be able to receive disability and other benefits through the VA. For veterans to receive the compensation and benefits that they need, they should be familiar with the options to help them obtain benefits and address whatever veterans' issues as they arise.

Disability options for veterans

This blog recently discussed concerns related to brain injuries in veterans and the importance of disability protections for our veterans. It is important for veterans and their families to understand that if they are disabled due to an injury or illness they may be eligible for veterans' benefits through the VA.

Help with brain injuries for veterans

Brain injuries can be suffered during wars and otherwise during military service. Brain injuries can impact the sufferer's work life, family life and personal life by impacting their ability to work, disturbing their mood and emotions, and altering their personality.

What veterans should know about Social Security disability

It is important for veterans to understand the different disability benefits, supports and options available to them after they have served our country. One of the many veterans' issues facing our veterans today is how to adjust to daily life following their service which can include life with a disability. It is important for veterans to know their options.

Vets' health care options to be expanded by new law

As one of the federal government's largest agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a lot on its plate. Its employees oversee all the benefits for veterans, such as financial assistance, pensions and health care, which they earned through their service to the country. With more than a decade of continued military action in places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the VA's rolls has burgeoned. This has left the agency struggling to deliver veterans' benefits to their intended recipients, including those in Alabama.

SSD benefits for past and present service members, families

This past Memorial Day, people in Alabama and across the country remembered and honored those in the military who have sacrificed for our nation. Veterans and current service members give so much to this country, and some even pay the ultimate sacrifice with their life. For those families who have experienced this and for those who have suffered other losses with an injury or illness due to military duty, Social Security benefits exist to help these people and their families. Depending on a family's circumstances, there are benefits they would want to access based on their loved one's military service.

Veterans' issues and Social Security benefits

While Social Security won't always make headline news, it doesn't mean that the topic doesn't deserve a lot of attention. Social Security, and other benefits associated with the government program, help families in Alabama and nationwide everyday who are in desperate need of financial assistance. For military veterans and their families, many of which have made the ultimate sacrifice, Social Security benefits are often available in conjunction with military benefits. We can't think of a better group of people to support.

Are veterans eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

Alabamians should always recognize and thank military veterans for their service. And, military members are allotted certain benefits, such as medical care, pension and other benefits not allotted to non-military members and their families. Sometimes, whether due to a military injury or other injury or illness, a veteran is no longer able to keep or attain gainful employment.

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