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Ticket to Work Program


The Ticket to Work program with the Social Security Administration allows Social Security recipients to work while keeping their Medicare or Medicaid. The Ticket to Work program is for those who are ages 18 through 64, who are blind or have a disability, and are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. A recipient need only sign up with an approved service provider of their choice. The service provider will help them find or maintain employment. The program also provides free vocational rehabilitation, training, and job referrals.


The Ticket to Work program allows its participants to work without automatically losing their disability benefits and to have their benefits resume if he or she has to stop working. Moreover, participants can continue to receive their healthcare benefits and will be protected from receiving a medical continuing disability review while working in the program. In return, participants must make “timely progress” or meet goals set by Social Security such as working at a specified earnings level or completing certain educational or training requirements. If you are a participant of the Ticket to Work program and make timely progress, Social Security will not conduct a review of your medical condition. However, if you receive a continuing disability review notice and then sign up for the Ticket to Work program, a review of your medical condition by Social Security will continue.


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