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New Veterans' Court Decision Could Help Veterans Receive Increased Disability Ratings for Service-Connected Injuries

New Veterans' Court Decision Could Help Veterans Receive Increased Disability Ratings for Service-Connected Injuries

Appeal if denied Social Security disability benefits for illness

Being approved for a Social Security disability claim would be music to many Mobile residents' ears. The Social Security Administration evaluates and makes decisions on each person's individual illness or injury when a person applies for benefits due to their inability to work. Oftentimes, those seeking benefits are denied Social Security disability benefits for illness on their first attempt, for one reason or another. Appealing this decision is the best shot one would have at receiving these benefits.

When the pain of fibromyalgia disables you

It started with pain, either all over your body or at specific points, like your shoulder, hips or knees. Or maybe your first symptom was mind-numbing fatigue so powerful you could hardly drag yourself out of bed. You may have thought you had the flu or you had overworked yourself. However, the symptoms didn't go away; instead, they got worse.

Alabama's ABLE program to help those who receive SSI

For those with disabilities, they can have a tougher time financially due to their illness or injury making it difficult for them to work or make ends meet due to medical expenses or other hardship. That's why disability assistance like Supplemental Security Income exists and is distributed to the appropriate parties. However, SSI must be sought out and it can even be further optimized by other programs aimed at helping those with disabilities and their families.

How the SSA determines eligibility for disability benefits

It can feel like a tough break to suffer an injury on-the-job. It can be hard enough to make it to work able-bodied these days! An injury can make it almost impossible for a person to work and earn a living wage. For long-term injuries, those that are longer than one year, a person may want to consider how Social Security Disability benefits for injuries could impact their life in a positive way.

What is the difference between SSDI and private insurance?

If you or a loved one has performed many years of hard-work, only to be slighted by an unexpected injury, you may be wondering what your options are. Years of work can take its toll on the body, or an unexpected injury can change the course of life for a person and their family in an instant. While taking care of yourself and thinking about your health is always the number one priority, those who have suffered an injury may wonder about how to proceed. Especially if an injury renders a person unable to perform the work they were once easily able to do.

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