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Appeal a denied claim related to SSD benefits for illness

When a picture comes to a person's mind of a "disabled" person, what's the first thing thought of? For many people in Alabama, it's the thought of a person with a physical ailment or disability, something that is clear with one glance that inhibits a person's ability to lead a normal life. This would include a disabled person's ability to find and keep steady employment. However, not all disabilities are immediately known at first glance and not all manifest in a physical sense.

Disability benefits for people with serious vision problems

Like people who suffer other serious handicaps, Mobile, Alabama, residents who are blind have to deal with a lot of special challenges. A typical person with good eyesight likely takes for granted all of the opportunities that they enjoy, and risks they are able to avoid, simply because they can see.

Eligibility of medical conditions not on SSD approved list

If you have your health, you have everything - or so they say. Those who are suffering with an illness or injury that greatly impacts their health and their quality of life would tend to agree with this statement. Being ill or injured is about more than a poorer quality of health. It is about not being able to do the things you want to do, because of poor health.

Time matters when applying for Social Security disability

Most people never plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits for illness or injury. Thinking realistically, why would anyone ever plan to be injured or ill for a prolonged period of time and for it to negatively impact their ability to work? SSD benefits exist in order to help those who have become unable to work due to their illness or injury. However, these benefits must be sought out and are not just automatically given to the person who needs them.

Appeal if denied Social Security disability benefits for illness

Being approved for a Social Security disability claim would be music to many Mobile residents' ears. The Social Security Administration evaluates and makes decisions on each person's individual illness or injury when a person applies for benefits due to their inability to work. Oftentimes, those seeking benefits are denied Social Security disability benefits for illness on their first attempt, for one reason or another. Appealing this decision is the best shot one would have at receiving these benefits.

Many cancers included in Compassionate Allowances program

Whether it is leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer or any other type of cancer, it is no surprise that this disease can take a significant toll on a person's health, sometimes even leading to death. And, it is not an entirely uncommon disease. In fact, this year over one million individuals worldwide will battle cancer. This means that people in Alabama may know someone with cancer or may even suffer from cancer during their lifetime.

Survival rate going up for women with advanced breast cancer

Much awareness has been given to breast cancer, and many people in Alabama either have a loved one or knows someone who suffers from this disease. However, a recent study shows that breast cancer need not be the death knell it once was.

Complications of liver disease can lead to disability

Those who have liver disease can attest that it can have a significant effect on every area of their lives. Even if they recognize the signs of liver disease and what may have caused it, serious damage may already have been done.

Study finds more young people die from second cancers

Cancer does not respect age. Children, young adults, middle-age adults and the elderly in Alabama can all be cancer victims. Unfortunately, some people find that they suffer from cancer more than once in their lifetimes. In fact, one report suggests that of those who suffer from a second cancer, it is often more fatal for the young.

Alabamans with depression may need personalized treatment

Treating depression can be difficult, and many in Alabama may live with the symptoms of depression despite taking medication for the illness. For example, a certain medication might help a person for months or even years, but then the person will relapse back into the depression. Moreover, some medications help with some symptoms of depression, but not all symptoms of depression.

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