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Retirement age for SSD benefits, regular Social Security differs

As Alabama residents, family members and friends begin to approach retirement age, we start to think more about retirement benefits and financial options. For those who are not suffering from a debilitating injury or illness, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are not usually on their mind. However, if one does have an injury that makes it difficult or impossible to work, Social Security Disability Benefits for injuries should be on their radar.

Some people suffering from chronic pain have a valid disability

If you are an Alabama worker who is facing the reality that your current medical condition may not improve and you could be left unable to work for the foreseeable future, you understand how overwhelming this can be. It is disheartening to be unable to work and unable to earn a living, but you could be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

Vets' health care options to be expanded by new law

As one of the federal government's largest agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a lot on its plate. Its employees oversee all the benefits for veterans, such as financial assistance, pensions and health care, which they earned through their service to the country. With more than a decade of continued military action in places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the VA's rolls has burgeoned. This has left the agency struggling to deliver veterans' benefits to their intended recipients, including those in Alabama.

Why receiving SSI Supplemental Security Income matters

Have you ever been down on your luck, a time when it felt like nothing was going your way? It can be that way all the time for those who are in desperate need of funds from SSI Supplemental Security Income. SSI isn't just given out to those who need it, it needs to be sought after. It's best for those who haven't the work history or the ability to achieve Social Security Disability benefits, usually due to some level of permanent or semi-permanent illness or injury.

Appeal a denied claim related to SSD benefits for illness

When a picture comes to a person's mind of a "disabled" person, what's the first thing thought of? For many people in Alabama, it's the thought of a person with a physical ailment or disability, something that is clear with one glance that inhibits a person's ability to lead a normal life. This would include a disabled person's ability to find and keep steady employment. However, not all disabilities are immediately known at first glance and not all manifest in a physical sense.

SSD benefits for past and present service members, families

This past Memorial Day, people in Alabama and across the country remembered and honored those in the military who have sacrificed for our nation. Veterans and current service members give so much to this country, and some even pay the ultimate sacrifice with their life. For those families who have experienced this and for those who have suffered other losses with an injury or illness due to military duty, Social Security benefits exist to help these people and their families. Depending on a family's circumstances, there are benefits they would want to access based on their loved one's military service.

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