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New act passed by Senate affects representative payee and SSI

There has been much talk this year about changes to the social security program and also the SSI Supplemental Security Income program. Much of this has been just talk, but a recent development is anything but. The Senate recently passed an act that affects SSI recipients and their representatives, among other parties. It impacts how each state reviews and administers these federally-backed programs to their recipients.

Disability benefits for people with serious vision problems

Like people who suffer other serious handicaps, Mobile, Alabama, residents who are blind have to deal with a lot of special challenges. A typical person with good eyesight likely takes for granted all of the opportunities that they enjoy, and risks they are able to avoid, simply because they can see.

Alabama House passes bill aimed at helping veterans

Alabama's military veterans and their families have made countless sacrifices to serve our great nation. It is only right that their home state and country support them in their journey to return to civilian life. The truth is that many veterans struggle with drug abuse. Some of this drug abuse is linked to past trauma and pain brought on by military service.

Seniors' limited income, modest savings can leave them in poverty

With the average lifespan rising for men and women across America, the question becomes how does one provide for themselves through old age? Savings are never a bad idea, but what if one is unable to save like they hoped before they reach retirement age ?The retirement age is officially 65 but some opt to take it earlier or later. Disability and other factors can play into how a senior achieves a comfortable lifestyle come the time when they are no longer working.

Why apply for SSD benefits after suffering back injury?

When a person in Alabama is young, they are often able to put their body through the wringer without much after thought. A broken arm was a bummer for the summer, not a permanent change in lifestyle. But when an older person suffers a lifelong injury, it can have a resounding impact. Serious injuries, like back injuries, can completely change a person's abilities and quality of life.

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