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American Tradition

Labor Day is our national holiday that celebrates the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Our nation was built and is maintained by the hard work of women and men who are often unappreciated for the work they do to support their families and contribute to the progress of our nation. Labor Day is a great time to eat barbecue, celebrate the end of the summer and start the football season, but most of all, it is a day of rest to celebrate with our families the efforts of those who labor and work to make our country the greatest nation on Earth.

Social Security Disability Benefits and the Duty to Develop

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), the ALJ may assist you in developing your claim for disability. However, this is not something that should be relied up as it still behooves you to be on the leading edge of developing your own claim prior to seeing the ALJ. Nevertheless, this topic reminds me of a recent case I helped a client with.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Your Work History

Social Security Disability attorneys will tell you that medical evidence is the lynch pin in a disability case. That is, you must prove you have the medical conditions you're complaining of and the only way to do this is through regular treatment with your doctor.


This week's passing of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams is tragic. Tragic as it may be, Robin Williams' death brings a serious issue facing many of our country's veterans to the forefront. Depression and suicide do not discriminate and can affect anyone. Veterans across the country are suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts on a daily basis. Help is available.

Quick Tips for Hurricane Season

It is that time of year again along the Gulf Coast. Throughout our collection of communities, from New Orleans, Louisiana, through Pensacola, Florida, our family and friends at Gardberg & Kemmerly have begun to pay significant attention to the Atlantic Hurricane Season. We have previously posted several tips and quick links for the people in areas who could be impacted by a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. The link can be found at


President Obama is set to sign a $16.3 billion bill benefitting veterans today. The bill is in response to reports of veterans dying while waiting for appointments with VA doctors while VA employees covered up those long wait times. This measure allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to hire thousands of doctors, nurses, and other medical and health professionals at the VA hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the United States to more quickly serve veterans.

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