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Social Security Uses a Lot of Abbreviations. What Is This Alphabet Soup?

In posting my past blogs, I've noticed that as a Social Security disability attorney, I take for granted understanding all of the abbreviations that are used within the Social Security Administration. Having a key to these abbreviations can make understanding what's going on in your case a little easier to understand. Here is a general list of abbreviations and basic terms you may encounter while researching and applying for Social Security disability.

SSA: Social Security Administration

DIB: Disability Insurance Benefits - This type of benefits is based on your work history and the amount of money you have paid into the Social Security System

SSI: Supplemental Security Income - these benefits are available to disabled children and adults. These benefits are based on a person's resources and assets. The maximum monthly amount of money a person can receive in SSI in 2011 is $674.

ALJ: Administrative Law Judge - an ALJ is an official who presides at an administrative trial-type hearing to resolve a dispute between a government agency and someone affected by a decision of that agency. If you appeal your denial and request a hearing, an ALJ will hear your case.

AOD: Alleged Onset Date - this is date on which you assert that you became disabled. It is possible to amend your AOD.

DLI: Date Last Insured - this is the date on or before which you must become disabled in order to received DIB.

AC: Appeals Council.

Understanding just a few of the abbreviations commonly used by the Social Security Administration can help the process of filing for your disability go just a little more smoothly.

I will add more as times goes on if I notice additional topics popping up time after time in my posts. Please feel free to contact me if you any specific questions about the above topics.

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